I would recommend Wannabees as an alternative to your standard indoor play centres. The facility is excellent and staff friendly. What I like about it is it requires the kids to use their imagination and do some good old fashioned play – role playing etc. There is also your traditional climbing playground but I love that there is more to it than that.

By Brandon Scott, published on SeanaSmith.com
What a Great Place!

My daughter absolutely loves Wannabees! She loves coming in and being greeted by Giselle and then going and exploring the Wannabee city! She loves dressing up as a fireman (woman) and treating the babies in the hospital. She thinks the supermarket is fantastic and just loves being able to buy her own groceries! She loves dancing on the stage with her friends and being in the fashion parade. Getting to see Debee is her favourite part of the day. She said next time she would like to give some pink flowers to Debee to match her pink bow!

By Catherine, published on Seanasmith.com
My daughter absolutely loves Wannabees!

I loved this place – I followed the kids round taking photos cos it’s all so cute & fun! The fireman place is awesome (and hilarious!) and I played customer while the kids were waitress and chef in the café.

It’s such a great idea – if you haven’t been people, you must go! There’s nothing quite like it in Sydney.

By Lydia C. Lee published on SeanaSmith.com
I loved this place

My clever hubby discovered Wannabees for our endlessly energetic 17 mth old twins during the crazy ‘hot one day/pouring the next’ Summer when we needed indoor play options… we ventured there again ‘en famille’ (very rare to all go out – usually tag team parenting)… and the kids loved going crazy in the supermarket (so cute) and our little 17mth old boy enjoyed strutting his stuff on the stage… we’re about to move to the Northern Beaches from beloved Bondi so VERY excited we’ll be able to visit often!

By Mel, published on SeanaSmith.com
VERY excited we’ll be able to visit often!

My kids have been to Wannabees for a couple of birthday parties and love it (as I do). Just that bit different to places like Lollipops as it has the climbing frame plus the imaginative play. My 3 year old loves putting out fires, the doctors surgery and the gym and my 6 year old daughter loves the video recording room (again as I do – that must be the best room there) the doctors surgery and the supermarket. We all love the stage and disco. It’s great to see them have so much fun boogie-ing away. I have never sat in the cafe as I love watching them have so much fun (and participating a bit myself!) but I can certainly understand why parents may take the opportunity knowing the kids are happy and safe.

By Paula Robinson, published on SeanaSmith.com
Kids are happy and safe

My kids adore Wannabees. I was a bit skeptical about the whole pretend play format initially but my 5 yr old girl loves the beauty salon, doctors/hospital and dancing on the stage, while my 3 yr old boy would spend all day in the big block/construction area or putting out fires. The rock climbing wall is a brilliant way for the kids to try it without going to a rock climbing centre. And yes I am guilty of sitting in the cafe. Last time we went it was just my daughter and I and I was so exhausted that I was very relieved she was happy to play without me and I could try to hide my semi-conscious state behind coffee, raisin toast and the iPad! Free WiFi is great.

By Kirralee published on SeanaSmith.com

My kids adore Wannabees