What to do in Sydney today

what to do in Sydney today with kids

Are you looking for what to do in Sydney today with kids and family? Wannabees Family Play Town is an indoor venue where kids can pretend to be grown-ups.

We have more than 20 attractions where your kids can dress up and create their own adventures.

Because every child is unique and has their own way to explore things, at Wannabees we give children the freedom of exploring all locations and visiting their favourite ones as many times and for as long as they want.

Mum and Dad can join the fun too!!! Our staff members encourage social interaction and imagination.

We’ve compiled our best photos on this page. Here you’ll find each attraction and a small description of what can be done inside each room.

From firefighting to doctors and police officers your kids have always something to do around Wannabees city.

You can also go for a virtual tour, here

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Wannabees Attractions

indoor play centres Sydney | Wannabees Tv Studio | what to do in Sydney with kids | Wannabees Family Play TownWannabees Tv Studio 025 imagesWannabees Tv Studio5 imagesWannabees TV Studio front5 images

Tv Studio

Our TV studio will get all those budding actors out of their shells and ready to perform. As news readers & camera operators children will be able to broadcast the Wannabees news complete with weather report. Kids fun Sydney never been better. Playing in our Tv Studio children can build confidence by acting, learn about technologies and collaborate with others.

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kids activities Sydney | Wannabees Supermarket | Indoor Play CentresWannabees Supermarket 0514 imagesWannabees Supermarket 0214 imagesWannabees Supermarket facade14 images


Our Supermarket is made up of 2 aisles that the children can move around whilst pushing their shopping trolley or holding their shopping basket. They can shop for everyday items using Wannabees dollars. Delicious pretend fruits, vegetables, meats, a range of dairy products, cleaning products and personal hygiene items are just a few things you will find on our shelves. Children can then ‘check out’ at either of our two cashiers.

Wannabees is one of the best Indoor Play Centres in Sydney. Some of the benefits for your child playing in our Supermarket are: experiment with numeracy, work together and share and learn about common foods.

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school excursions Sydney | educational excursions | Wannabees SchoolWannabees School Lab4 imagesWannabees School Canteen4 imagesWannabees School Library4 images


Whenever you need to browse for school excursions Sydney, make sure you check Wannabees Family Play Town. We have lots of rooms to fill your excursion needs, like our School.

Kids have the opportunity to pretend they’re teachers in our classroom or librarians in the School Library. Per haps they can pretend to run the School Canteen or experiment in our School lab.

It is a room where your kids can express ideas and words, explore literacy skills and develop fine motor skills.

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Sydney's best indoor play centres | Wannabees Radio StationWannabees Radio Station – Interviewing gues5 imagesWannabees Radio Station – Radio Host5 imagesWannabees Radio Station – Shop front5 images

Radio Station

Wannabees Family Play Town is considered one of Sydney’s best indoor play centres. We have lots of activities for kids, such as our radio station. Here your children can build communication skills, learn about sources of information and create imaginative stories.

We have all the equipment is required to broadcast live to the centre. Your kids will have lots of fun.

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fun for kids in sydney | indoor play venues | imaginative playWannabees Post Office – mail sorters5 imagesWannabees Post Office – Kids having fun5 imagesWannabees Post Office girl posting mail5 images

Post Office

One of the places with the best fun for kids in Sydney is Wannabees Family Play Town. Postal workers can collect the mail, take it back to the post office for sorting and then deliver it back out to the applicable business.

While playing in the Wannabees Post Office your child can develop literacy skills, work with others and build motor skills.

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family rainy day activities | Indoor Play | Wannabees Family Play TownWannabees Police Station – Police Girl5 imagesWannabees Police Station –  Building5 imagesWannabees Police Station walls5 images

Police Station

Our police station is fully equipped with uniforms & hats and also a jail for the officers to lock away the criminals. There is an identity parade room where are photo opportunities to take a nice memento home.

While playing in the police station kids are like to develop motor skills, learn about important members of the community and create role play scenarios.

For family rainy day activities any day of the week or anytime of the day, Wannabees Family Play Town is the happiest place for children.

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what to do with kids in sydney | Wannabees HospitalWannabees Hospital – Maternity8 imagesWannabees Hospital ER8 imagesWannabees Hospital maternity ward nurse8 images


Annoyed because can’t find what to do with kids in Sydney? No worries, at Wannabees there are plenty of things to do, such as Wannabees Hospital. In there children’s fears of medical personnel, procedures and equipment are reduced as they use their imagination to dress up and role play as doctors and nurses while attending to patients.

It is also a great environment to express their feelings and ideas. Our hospital is made up of one consulting room, a dentist room, a maternity ward and a waiting room complete with reception desk.

making believe in the hospital, your kids can role-play scenarios with friends, learn about equipment and develop motor skills. So next time you’re around come and check in…..

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sydney family fun | Honey Room Restaurant | Indoor PlayWannabees Restaurant Customer Service13 imagesWannabees Restaurant kitchen13 imagesWannabees Restaurant Facade13 images

Honey Room Restaurant

Sydney family fun is better at Wannabees. Our restaurant seats up to 36 child size customers and is equipped with a lovely kitchen where your little chefs can use their imagination to prepare wonderful pretend healthy meals and hand them to the wait staff to deliver to the tables.

By playing in the Wannabees Restaurant your kids are expected to exercise imagination and creativity, practice carrying out ideas with the cooperation of others (Teamwork) and experiment with various adult roles.

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soft play | Wannabees Gym | Indoor Play Centres SydneyWannabees gym – group class3 imagesWannabees gym Boy on Static Bike3 images


The Gym at Wannabees has five different workout stations that provide children with all they need for a great workout: Treadmills and exercise bikes are available for them to enjoy. We also have a soft play area for little kids to enjoy.

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