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Fire Station

The Fire Station consists of our very own fire simulator where children can use real water and fire hose to pretend they are fighting a fire! Children can dress up as fire fighters and slide down the fire pole and also ring the fire bell to alert the city that there is fire.

Forget about those traditional soft play centres where kids get over excited after running up and down slides. After one hour of play you’ll get them nagging to go elsewhere.

When they discover the place where they can let their imagination play, they won’t wanna leave. By playing in our fire station your kids learn about safety, cooperate with others and solve problems.

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fun for kids | indoor play centres | Wannabees Fashion ShopWannabees Fashion Shop – dress ups4 imagesWannabees fashion shop – kids fun4 imagesWannabees Fashion Shop – nice outfit4 images

Fashion Shop

Fun for kids is one of the hardest things to find in Sydney. But at Wannabees we have plenty of things and activities for kids to do. For instance our fashion shop. Budding fashionistas will love the fashion store. Boys and girls will be able to dress up for our scheduled fashion parade.

Some of the skills your child will improve by playing in our Fashion shop are: Express themselves creatively; Build confidence; learn about colours & patterns

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kids fun in Sydney | Imaginative Play | Wannabees Construction SiteWannabees Construction Site playtime310 imagesWannabees Construction Site playtime110 imagesWannabees Construction Site Facade10 images

Construction Site

When kids play in our construction site they develop imagination and creativity, express feelings and ideas and use the concepts of symmetry balance & design.

Wannabees is the best place for kids fun in Sydney. The construction site is made up of a crane that moves the blocks from one side of the site to the other.
There are mounds of building blocks, wheelbarrows, hard hats, protective gloves and reflective vests to make all our little construction workers feel right at home.

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indoor play Sydney | Wannabees Concert Stage | Imaginative PlayWannabees Concert Stage – Fashion Parade7 imagesWannabees concert Stage girl singing7 imagesWannabees concert stage kids dancing 027 images

Concert Stage

After you type indoor play Sydney on your browser, look for Wannabees Family Play Town. The place where kids play to be grown ups.

Our full sized stage, with laser lights, smoke machine and the latest music, lights up every day for the schedule fashion parade.

It is a great place for children to express themselves through dance and movement. Our stage helps your kids to improve balance and coordination, express themselves physically and use body energy in a constructive way.

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Sydney kids | indoor Play for Children | Beauty SalonWannabees Beauty Salon – drying hair5 imagesWannabees Beauty Salon – Hair washing5 imagesWannabees Beauty Salon –  Shop front5 images

Beauty Salon

To all Sydney kids out there: Wannabees is the best place to have fun any day of the week. For example, our beauty Salon consists of 2 hair dressing work stations where ‘wanna-bee’ hairdressers can work on creating some wonderful hair designs.

No beauty salon is complete without a nail station where children can have their nails buffed, polished and painted. It is a great environment to learn and encourage social interaction through customer service.

We will help your children build Confidence, express creativity and make sure they collaborate with others.

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family fun in Sydney | indoor play activities | Wannabees Family Play TownWannabees Bank – Tellers5 imagesWannabees Bank – banking5 imagesWannabees Bank – phone banking5 images


For family fun in Sydney check Wannabees Family Play Town. At Wannabees bank kids will play the roles of the bank manager, tellers and financial planners.

Our bank has its own ATM where children can pretend to withdraw money a telephone banking station and a tellers desk for deposits.

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