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First (1st) birthday ideas | kids birthday parties

Party Packages

What age is a Wannabees Party best suited for?

Wannabees parties are best suited for 2 -10 year olds with lots of different activities & rooms to suit all ages. However we have lots of customers celebrating first birthday parties regularly.

Are shoes or socks required?

Yes enclosed shoes all around the city.

Can a school class party be done on the weekend?

No. Unfortunately it is a party package we offer at a discounted price and it is not available during weekends..

What is the difference between a disco party and another package?

Our disco parties are loads of fun! Some of our city rooms are closed but two entertainers on the dance floor will keep the children dancing along to the latest music and enjoy fun, exciting dancing games!!!

The disco party packages include a host only for the food service. The disco package is only available on kids disco nights (once a month 5:00 – 7:30 pm).

Can we have other packages on a kids disco night?

Yes they can be booked.

Can we exchange items in the packages for different extras?

Unfortunately no.  Our packages all have set inclusions. There are options to add-on to all of our packages.  Our helpful and friendly staff will help you decide which package will best suit your needs.


First (1st) birthday ideas - Bookings

How long before the party should I book?

We recommend approximately 6 weeks before your selected date.  This time frame will give you more availability to choose the time that suits you better. Last minute parties are welcomed but are subject to availability.

How many children should I book for if I don’t know how many will attend?

Book for the number of children you are planning to invite.  We don’t require confirmation of final numbers until three days prior to your party.  You should aim to have your RSVP date before this day. For weekend parties deadline is Wednesday prior to your event.

What if I do not have 8 children as the minimum required for a party package?

All of our packages have been bundled up and prices discounted to create fun & affordable packages. If you have 6 or 7 children it will be cost effective for you to have a packaged party versus paying for everything separately.

If you are only planning a party for a few friends then paying separately for all the items you need will be the best option. Our helpful & friendly staff can help you to decide.

What is the maximum number of children you can take at any one party?

The maximum number of children that we can seat in our party room for food is 40.  Parties that are larger than this can be booked as venue hire. You can inquire by phone or email to get a detailed quote with different options.

How busy will it be? Is there a quieter time slot/day?

It is unknown how busy we will be on any particular day, due to the weather.  A rainy day or particularly hot day generally means more casual visitors.  Weekday parties as well as the 9:30 weekend time slot are potentially quieter options. These are the most popular time slots for first (1st) birthday party celebrations.

What are the different time slots for a party?

Our weekend parties start at 9:30. The time slots are 9:30, 10:15, 11:00, 11:45, 12:45, 1:30, 2:15 & 3pm.  We also offer weekday morning parties where times can be flexible. And afternoon parties on a Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 3:30-5:30 or 4pm-6pm.

Are birthday party invitations included?

Yes!! Beautiful electronic birthday party invitations are included in all our packages. For a small extra fee, you can order printed birthday party invitations by calling on 02 8021 6902 .  Our indulgence package includes gorgeous personalised invites with a picture of your child on each one.

How and when will I receive the party invitations?

Once we have received the notification of your deposit we will email your party invitations and all relevant information, including adult platter menu and extras list.

How long do personalized party invitations take to be made and sent?

Within 24 hours after we have received your child’s photo.  A proof will then be emailed to you for your approval before we print and post your party invitations.

How does the QR code printed birthday party invitation work?

This is the coolest party invitation if you want your child to invite their guest with a video.  Just email us a short 30 second video, then we convert it into a QR code and incorporate it in your paper invites. Your guests then can scan the code with a smart phone and watch your child’s video.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes.  In order to secure your booking a $150 deposit is required.  Once you have paid this deposit you are able to change the date and time if needed at no extra cost but subject to availability. If you need to cancel your party a $50 admin fee will be deducted.  If you cancel within 14 days of the party date you will forfeit all deposit paid. Pay a deposit here.


Birthday Party Invitations

Do I have to pay for the party child?

Yes the party child is included in the total number of children attending the party.

Do we have to pay for parents?

All our packages include all parents free of charge.

From what age are children charged?

Children 1 year and over attending the party are included in the numbers of the party.  Babies are free of charge.

What about siblings of party guests?

Siblings of party guests are not included in the party unless you want them to be.  We will ask parents who arrive with siblings to pay our regular admission prices for those children so they can have a free play in our centre.  Food or goodie bags for siblings are not included.

Can we bring our own goodie bag?

Our packages don’t include lolly bags, so you are welcome to do so.

Is the birthday cake included in the package?

Only for Deluxe package.  We can organise a yummy creamy ice cream birthday cake for you that we sell as an extra for your party

Can we bring our own birthday cake?

You are welcome to bring your own birthday cake provided that it does not contain nuts in the ingredients or decoration.  We are unable to store, refrigerate or freeze your cake.  Your cake will sit on your table for the first 40 minutes of your party before it is taken into the party room.

Can we do Rock climbing, Pass the parcel or Face painting at my party?

Absolutely!! We can organise any of these extra activities for your guests to enjoy.  When booking your party speak with one of our helpful staff members to discuss what options will work well for you.

Do you sell Balloons?

Yes you can purchase Wannabees Balloons on a stick. Balloons can be ordered on the day of your party or may be pre-ordered at time of confirmation. They will be placed on your adult table during the party and you can give them to your guests as they are leaving.

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First Birthday ideas | kids birthday parties Sydney

Do the children choose only one room to play in?

No. The party host with gather the children at the start time of the party and begin by asking the guest of honour what they Wannabee today?

The host will take the group to the room that has been chosen then proceed through the rooms based on where the children would like to go. Generally the group will get to at least 5-6 attractions during the party.

What happen if my child does not want to do fashion parade?

We will still schedule the fashion parade for your party, as most party guests including boys will want to get involved in the parade. If your child still doesn’t want to get involved the party host will encourage them to help out with the calling out and introducing all of the children along the stage using the microphone.

Are all the attractions relevant to both sexes and all ages of children?

Absolutely! All of our attractions are appropriate for both sexes. We encourage both boys and girls to participate in all attractions. Girls love getting involved in the firefighting and boys are encouraged to play in the beauty salon as customers, barbers or hairdressers!

What can adults do during the party?

There will be a table reserved for up to 10 adults in our cafe area.  Parents are encouraged to sit, relax and enjoy a tea or coffee – after all it is like having 2 hours off!!  Parents are also welcome to watch their children play in the rooms and take photos.  Usually all parents love to see the fashion parade.

The Party

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How does the party run?

The party runs for 2 hours and each party (excluding Disco and Weekday morning packages) have their very own host to guide your party group through the rooms of our city. The first 45 minutes is spent going through all the rooms.

The next 45 minutes is spent having something to eat in the party room and singing Happy Birthday. The children then make their way to the TV studio where they will record a DVD which you have the option to purchase. And the last activity of the party is the fashion parade and dancing on the stage.

At the end of this the hosting will finish and the children will be able to play in any room they would like to experience further. Watch our 2 minute video to learn how party runs here.

Are parents of invited guests able to drop their children off?

Parents can drop their children off, they will be required to leave a contact number with our reception staff member. These parents are also encouraged to inform the party parent that they will not be staying and child would be under party parents care.

Can I bring my own themed decorations for the party room?

No. Our party rooms are decorated, however if you wish a particular theme, we can help you to organise your preferred theme for a competitive price.  Please keep in mind that you have the party room for 45 minutes only and it’s very likely that the party room is occupied before and after for another party.

Are play rooms exclusive for my party only?

The Fashion Parade, Fire station and TV studio are exclusive for your party.  All the other rooms are open to all customers.  We do find however, that if there are casual visitors playing in the Supermarket for example and a party group comes along, those children usually run along to play in a different room.

Can we stay after our party has finished?

Yes you can.  Please note that at times you may be required to give up your party table at a specific time to allow other parties to be seated.

Food And Drinks

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Can I bring my own food?

Unfortunately no.  Wannabees has a “no outside food allowed” policy, which states that no outside food is to be brought into the centre unless the food is for a baby or a child with a severe allergy that we cannot cater for. Our kitchen is a nut free zone. Please speak with one of our staff to find out ingredients and preparation techniques for certain foods if you are unsure.

What if there is a child guest with allergies?

The best option would be to speak with one of our staff regarding the allergy. We can work out if we can cater for that particular child (which in most cases we can).

Is there food available for adults?

Yes we have a great selection of gourmet platters for the adults that each serves 7-9 adults. All platter orders must be received at least 72 hours prior to the party. See adult platter list here.

What is the adult high tea platter?

This is available to our Indulgence package customers only and includes a selection of finger sandwiches, scones with jam and cream and selection of cakes. It also includes 8 teas or coffees. The high tea platter caters for 8 adult guests and extra high tea can be ordered at a per head price.

Can I order adult platters on the day of the party?

There are 4 platters that can be ordered on the day – Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Wedges, Seafood & Sweets and Cakes. All other platter orders must be taken at least 72 hours prior to the party- usually the Wednesday prior to the weekend parties.

Can we purchase drinks for adult guests?

Yes! You can open a coffee tab on arrival with the Party co-ordinator or at the café. You can determine if you would like it to be a hot drink tab or cold drink tab or an open tab. The choice is totally up to you and all items ordered will be added to your final invoice.

Party Confirmation

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What if I am unsure if someone is going to attend? Can we add them on the day of the party?

When we ask you to send through the names of the children attending the party we will ask you to place a question mark next to any child that has not sent you a RSVP. This way if they turn up on the day there is no embarrassment with them not being on your list and we quietly add them. If these children with a question mark do not turn up, you are not charged for them. You can add children on the day of the party, but we much prefer all children to be confirmed prior to the party day.

Do I have to pay for children that don’t come?

You will pay for the number of children that are confirmed prior to your party. Unfortunately this means that if children that had confirmed do not arrive at the party you will pay for them.

When do I confirm the numbers?

The total count and all food orders need to be confirmed 72 hours prior to your party day.  The Wednesday 3:00 pm is the cut off time for all weekend parties.

Do we need to pay for everything up front?

We will give you your invoice at the end of the party. Anything that you chose to add during the party such as coffees, DVD, rock climbing etc. will be added. Payment is required before you depart the centre.

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