Wannabees is a first class indoor play centre for kids aged around 3 and up. Our 3 year old daughter loves it and it would probably be fine for kids up to 8 or 9.

There are heaps of different shops and scenarios for kids to get dressed up and enjoy. The climbing play equipment is first rate and the cafe (for parents!) is actually very very good! They do their own blend of Central American coffee which is awesome.

A great option for rainy days or hot days or just as a special treat for kids. Looks like they do children birthday parties too.

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First class kids play centre…with great coffee!

As the name suggests, this is an indoor play centre where children can pretend and role play things they ‘wannabee’ and do when they grow up. It is such a fabulous concept with hours of intellectual and interactive fun for your toddler and child. The cafe serves great La Hacienda coffee and the food is made fresh on site.

Detailed Review:

Wannabees is such a unique and fantastic concept and my children loved every minute of our visit. They believe that little ones need opportunities to leave the everyday world behind and let their imagination fly. So, they have created a magical city, where little ones can dress up and feel free to be anyone they ‘wannabee’: a fire fighter, a TV producer, a supermodel, a doctor… My 3 year old visited the beauty salon and had her nails painted; dressed up as a fireman and put out a pretend fire with a real water hose; went shopping in the supermarket; took part in a fashion parade and was filmed for her own TV show! What a morning and the lunch at the cafe was great too.

The food at Wannabees is high quality and made fresh. Their kid’s meals are $7 and you can choose from spaghetti bolognese, chicken nuggets, junior snack pack (sandwich & smoothie), calamari and vegetarian spring rolls. It was good to see the meals were not just served with chips but also seasonal fruit and carrot sticks. Adults can choose from sandwiches, salads, frittatas, all day breakfast and light meals ($5.50 – $13). I ordered the peach and feta brushetta which was beautifully presented and delicious. Remember that you can’t bring your own food into Wannabees (like most play centres). However, rest assured that there are plenty of nutritious and tasty options to keep everyone happy.

Birthday parties for kids are also available all week.

If you visit Wannabees during the school holidays, they run a special program everyday at 10.30am and 2pm. Activities include cupcake decorating, plaster painting, karate workshop and more. They also organise Primary School Excursions.

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Unique and fantastic concept

Ever wanted to give your kids the best role playing experiences? Do your kids want to dress up and be a firefighter for the day? Or perhaps be a Doctor? Well anything goes at the Wannabees Family Play Town.

There are plenty of role playing scenarios with mock up tools and mini replicated environments like a mini supermarket where your kids can buy and sell groceries and the like. For those who prefer a little more action can dress up as a police officer or a firefighter and even become a TV producer or postal worker for the day.

Wannabees Family Play Town has created a mini-city for all of this to happen and there are plenty of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy including rock climbing at the indoor climbing wall or see a stage performance from the Wannabees Family Play Town dancers and storytellers.

For the little dancers in the household, well Wannabees Family Play Town also has that covered with a specially built laser lit concert stage where your kids can dance and sing to their heart’s content.

I know what you’re probably wondering, with all that play and learning you’ll be exhausted just watching your kids, right? Well who wouldn’t be and luckily at Wannabees Family Play Town they have you covered with an excellent cafe nicknamed “Parent Zone” and is a great place to just unwind and relax. Free WiFi is also available.

They also do wonderful children birthday parties.

Why not also enjoy a quality cup of coffee and have a bite from their menu in the Mediterranean style cafe?

As a side note, outside food is not permitted on the premises due to insurance and allergy issues.

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Do your kids want to be a firefighter? TV presenter?

There’s a large room with plenty of riding toys, climbing areas, small tables, and a stage.  Then there are small rooms around the perimeter – a beauty salon, a grocery store, a fire station, a TV station, a gym, a police station, and more.  Some are open all the time; some only for brief periods with supervision.  The doctors office even has a waiting room, an examination room, and a nursery. They do parties for kids too.

Every so often they do something special on the stage that draws most of the kids together.

Plus a cafe that serves both drinks and a good food items, like fish and chips.

A grandmom and grandpa’s heaven for three hours of running by our two year old granddaughter.

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Wannabees Family Play Town

What a fabulous facility for pre-schoolers

We discovered Wannabees Play Town these school holidays and what a fun time we had, both kids and adults! I recommend a visit if you are in the North Shore area for something, fun, educational and different. I would explain it as an ‘Indoor Play Town’, which has a Fire Station, Police Station, Hospital, Beauty Parlour, Bank, Gym, Cafe, Huge Play Gym, even an interactive TV studio and concert stage. Kiddies can dress up and have lots of fun pretending and learning. They even have a simulated’ fire where the kids can pretend to be fireman and ‘put out the fire’ with real hoses and water. There is also a cafe for the parents while the kids play. They also do kids parties and primary school excursions. The staff are friendly and helpful. Excellent fun!

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Wannabees – fun, educational and diffferent!

Wannabees is a play centre deluxe, with the added benefit of play leaders and fantastic dress ups and imaginative play spaces.

The play centre has been set up like a small town, a play leader takes children to visit and play in different areas. It’s such fun.

This indoor play centre with a difference is really a delight for young kids. We visited recently with the twins, who are six years old and they really enjoyed it. There were lots of younger children there and some older ones too.

It’s best to book in and to arrive in good time for either the morning or afternoon session to start. Our session started at 10am, with a play leader gathering the children around the stage and starting off with the Wannabees song.  She then explained some rules like always tidying up what has been used, and keeping shoes on in the play rooms.

Here’s the list of all the places the kids can play:

  • Post Office
  • Honey Room cafe
  • Police Station
  • Fire Station
  • TV Studio
  • Supermarket
  • Doctors Surgery
  • Bank
  • Gym
  • Fashion shop
  • Beauty salon
  • Interior Design room

There’s also a large stage, a climbing wall, soft play areas and, of course, the huge play structure.

My two started in the fire station, they enjoyed dressing up in fireman’s jackets and hats and LOVED hosing out the (fake!) flames. Next they did some shopping at the supermarket with play money and then playing doctors and nurses, with me as the patient patient.

It’s lovely to do some imaginative play where the kids are also picking up some real life skills.

Cafe: large cafe has good menu and free wifi

Baby change: Yes, in children’s toilets

Children Birthday Parties are run by the play leaders

Have you been to Wannabees? 

Are you a play centre lover or loather?

Take it easy

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Sydney’s Best Indoor Play Centres

Just spent the whole morning here and I could not get my kids to leave, so we ended up staying for lunch. Wannabees is very different to other playcentres. Yes there is soft play equipment for toddlers and older kids. But there is also a whole mini town for the kids to explore. My 2 year old loved the post office and cafe. My 4yr had a great time in the supermarket, being a fireman (with a real water hose!), and being on TV in the TV station. Oh they both worked out at the Gym and pretended to be Doctors at the hospital.

There are some lovely Wannabees ladies who help to entertain the kids – with some dance routines, some races for the Olympics, a fashion show and then more dancing. Not heard the chicken song in ages! They organise kids birthday parties too.

Yes it is a bit more expensive than other play centres – but then there are no other play centres like it.

By Sara Wright published on “Babies and Toddlers

There are no other play centres like it

I would recommend Wannabees as an alternative to your standard indoor play centres. The facility is excellent and staff friendly. What I like about it is it requires the kids to use their imagination and do some good old fashioned play – role playing etc. There is also your traditional climbing playground but I love that there is more to it than that. Birthday Parties available too.

By Michelle Chadwick published by “Kidspot
Alternative to your standard indoor play centre