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Primary School Excursions

Are you looking for school excursions for your Early Stage 1 or Stage 1 class that are stress-free, educational, and fun?

A venue where children have the opportunity to learn about the community they live in and act out the professions in that community?

Wannabees Family Play Town, is a beautifully designed child size city that helps students use role-play to explore the professions of people who live in our community, in a range of different environments.

Our school excursions focus on learning through role-play, so that students learn through first-hand experience. At Wannabees children can pretend to be fire fighters, doctors, postal workers, police officers, restaurant workers,TV stars and more!

Our primary school excursions trips are fun, educational  and easy to organise!


Wannabees Family Play Town offers a range of school excursion packages and topics for your individual needs. Our school excursions examine the Geography syllabus.

From learning about places, the weather, local and international communities, or the role of workers in the community, Wannabees has a school excursion program which examines all outcomes and content in the Geography Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 Australian Curriculum.

Our four excursion programs include Workers in the Communities, The Local and the Global, The Features of Places and Caring Communities, are revised to ensure that the content is relevant to the current ES1 and S1 NESA syllabuses. The main focus of the excursions target geography outcomes (GE1-1, GE1-2, GE1-3), with other complementary outcomes from additional KLAs including Maths (MA1-4NA, MA1-5NA, MA1-1WM), English (EN1-1A), PDHPE (COS1.1, INS1.3) and Creative Arts (DRAS1.1) also being covered throughout the various excursions.

Kids will love role-playing different roles and scenarios evident in the local community. We use stories and scenarios in every room to bring the excursion to life. Our different packages address key questions such as:

–      What is a place? What are the features of places in the local community?

–      How does Weather affect places? How do we predict the weather?

–      How can we take care of places? Are there members of the community who take care of places?

–      What makes a place special?

Who works in our community, and what are their roles and responsibilities?

Programs – School Excursion Ideas

At Wannabees Family Play Town, we have designed primary school excursions suitable for early stage and stage 1 students. We have 5 different options to ensure all your needs are met. Here are our five packages: 

Workers in the Community

This excursion package has been incredibly popular for the past four years. Here, students learn about the workers in their community, and role-play their roles and responsibilities in their job. Features of this excursion include:

  • Role-playing the role of a Fire Fighter at a fire.
  • Exploring the role of a TV director and actor to make a movie.
  • Learning about hospital workers and the different features of a hospital.

This program has been designed to reflect outcomes SSS1.7, SSS1.8. Download program here.

The Local and the Global

In this excursion, kids learn about how a local community can be related to an international one. Specifically, they make links between the different natural and built environments of various countries and communities, their foods and ways of life. It also looks at connections between local communities, examining how food gets from one place to another. Features of this excursions include:

  • Creating a film about local, national, and world news.
  • Role-playing in the supermarket to learn about how farming communities provide food to supermarkets all over the world.
  • Learning about how children in remote communities go to school.

Rooms in The Local and the Global: Supermarket, Café, TV Studio, Post Office, School, News Room, Fire Station, and Construction Zone. Download program here.

The Features of Places

During this excursion students learn about all the different features of some of the most common and interesting places in their community. This includes learning about the roles of a certain place such as a fire station, police station, or hospital in the community.

Students also look at a place in the community holistically, gaining a basic understanding of how the different features of a place contribute to how it operates.

Features of this excursion include:

  • Exploring the supermarket, and how different features keep food fresh, allow customers to purchase food, and make sure there’s enough food to serve a community.
  • Role-playing scenarios in the hospital to learn about its different features, procedures, and equipment.
  • Exploring the equipment and procedures of fire safety in the Wannabees fire station.

Rooms in The Features of Places: Supermarket, Café, TV Studio, Hospital, Police Station, Post Office, School, and Fire Station. Download program here.

Caring Communities

This excursion package, teaches students about how communities can be cared for and how communities care for its citizens. It introduces basic citizenship concepts such as volunteering and responsibility through scenario based role-play.

Features of this excursion include:

  • Discovering the role of Police Officers in keeping the community safe by exploring some of the technologies they employ.
  • Participating in news reports about emergencies and emergency warnings in the Wannabees TV Studio.
  • Learning about how places can be cared for through scenario-based role-play in the Café. Download program here.


This option is popular with many teachers. It allows you to adapt your excursion to the subjects you’re studying, from Science to History, we can make brand new lessons for your needs. Contact Wannabees Family Play Town to talk to one of our excursion coordinators and they will talk to you about the process of customisation.

Incurs a one-off $50 customisation fee.

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How to Book

  1. Choose either self-guided or guided excursion.
  2. Wannabees can hold up to 120 children on the same day, so if you have more than this number, you will require to book for two separate days.
  3. To book just give us a call or send us an email with a tentative date and numbers to
  4. One of our specialists will provide you with an invoice.  Lesson plans and risk assessment can be downloaded here.
  5. You will receive via mail some information booklets and rules for teachers and students.

Times & Facilities

There will be an allocated space for morning tea/lunch (times vary according to your needs). This can hold a group of any size. School bags are placed on our shelving.

There is ample parking for buses of a small-medium size, however, large buses can drop students off at the entrance and park close by the centre.

You can arrive at 10:30 to have morning tea and get ready to start at 11:00. The tour has a duration of 2 hours, followed by lunch time at 1:00. School pick up can be organized after 1:30.

All students were thoroughly engaged and complemented our HSIE unit: Workers in the Community very well and has been a wonderful way to end the unit. Very well organised, great staff” – Hornsby Heights Public School. (Year one)

Wonderful experience. The multiple experience of short times works really well with young children”  – The Hills Grammar School. (Kindergarten)


Self-guided: $17 per child. For schools on a budget, this is the perfect option. Wannabees provides lessons, and teachers guide the students around the rooms themselves.

Guided: $19 per child (a minimum of 20 children required to get this rate). For a small extra cost, Wannabees staff will guide your excursion around the rooms included in your excursion. This is the most popular option for schools.

Parents and helpers have free admission. Any younger siblings attending with the parent helpers are charged at our normal admission rate.

It is encouraged for teachers to speak with one of our friendly staff regarding your excursion needs and expectations.

You are more than welcome to choose different rooms that fit the needs of your group most.

Pre-visit and post-visit worksheets are available to encourage the learning process and reinforce key concepts.

Students are welcome to have morning tea as well as lunch at Wannabees. Time is allocated for both of these in the schedule of the excursion.