We are open every day from 9:30 Am to 5:00 Pm  (excepting public holidays)


Wow! Winter school holiday break is here and with temperatures dropping, Wannabees is the place to be. Our venues are fully airconditioned so you can stay warm and sheltered.

At Wannabees we’ve prepared two jam packed weeks worth of fun and entertainment for your kids to enjoy.

We have an awesome program that will bring you lots of extra fun on top of our regular Wannabees city tours. So your kids get to do more on their visit and you can stay longer.

Wannabees is the perfect day for a family day out. Unlike some other expensive entertainment options, where you can stay only for limited time, at Wannabees your admission ticket allows you to stay for the whole entire day. Hence, you don’t have to worry about having to go elsewhere one hour later. So the more you stay, the cheaper it gets!.

We actually encourage you to stay longer and be part of the fun: wear one of our costumes and play with the kids, it will be a very nice family experience that your kids will remember.

The best part is that we can cater for your food needs without you having to worry about going out for lunch somewhere after your visit. Just stay over for lunch because we have a great Cafe offering restaurant quality yummy gourmet food to everyone.


WEEK 1 – Monday 3rd – Friday 7th July 2017

Monday 3rd July

Activity: bowling Contest

Extras: Apple Pies Making. Cost: $5.00.

Tuesday 4th July

Activity: Hula Hooping Challenge.

Extras: Cupcake Decorating. Cost: $5.00.

Wednesday 5th July

Activity: Pass The Parcel.

Extras: Pizza Making. Cost: $7.00.

Thursday 6th July

Activity: Talent Show.

Extras: Biscuit Decorating. Cost: $5.00.

Friday 7th July

Activity: Karaoke

Extras: Sundae Making. Cost: $5.00.

WEEK 2 – Monday 10th – Friday 14th July 2017

Monday 10th July

Activity: Bean Bag Toss

Extras: Pizza Making. Cost: $7.00.

Tuesday 11th July

Activity: Family Scavenger Hunt.

Extras: Apple Pie Making. Cost: $5.00.

Wednesday 12th July

Activity: Balls, Balls, Balls.

Extras: Cupcake Decorating. Cost: $5.00.

Thursday 13th July

Activity: Daylight Disco And Talent Show

Extras: Biscuit Decorating. Cost: $5.00.

Friday 14th July

Activity: Name The Movie game.

Extras: Plaster Painting. Cost: $5.00.

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