Activities for Children – Our Characters


At Wannabees we have lots of activities for children to enjoy. For instance, to enhance children’s experience, our friendly resident bees Tobee and Debee regularly visit.

When they do make a flying visit the children have the opportunity to meet and greet with them and maybe even take a photo to take home!

They’re always at our Reception to greet all children with a big and gorgeous smile. It is the perfect opportunity for a photo souvenir. So make sure you stop by for your chance to take home a beautiful memory.

activities for children | our characters | Tobee


Is a seven year old fun loving honey bee, who loves to collect pollen to make honey for his Queen. Sometimes he is impulsive and rushes into things, being excited by life’s opportunities. He is full of energy and loves to encourage everyone to have indoor fun at Wannabees. He has a close relationship with his older cousin Debee.


Debee - Wannabees Character


Is a nine year old gentle hearted working bee. She is reserved, cautious and careful in her planning. She follows the rules and likes to make sure everyone knows them. She loves sunflowers. Debee is available for birthday party for kids and you can see her sometimes during weekdays having fun around Wannabees.

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