Imaginative Play

Wannabees is all about imaginative play.

At Wannabees we love kids and we believe they need more opportunities to leave the everyday world behind and let their imagination fly. So, we have created a magical city where your kids can dress up and through imaginative play feel free to be anyone they wannabee: a fire fighter, a beautician, gym instructor, a Supermodel, a Doctor……..

But we know role play is more than just fun. It is a key element of learning. Role play engages emotion, cognition, language and sensory motor skills.

It actually creates synaptic connections between parts of the brain. And the more synapses, the greater a child’s intelligence.

Imaginative Play | Role Play | Wannabees Fire Simulator

What do you WANNA BEE today?

Role Play Benefits

Role playing children expand their understanding of themselves and others, their knowledge of the physical world and their ability to communicate with peers and adults.

Role play also helps kids to discover leadership skills, encourages social interaction, problem solving, helps to gain confidence and a sense of self.

Role play is an effective learning tool as it encourages children to become active participants in their learning.

At Wannabees we offer children the opportunity to learn essential life skills. It is one of the best children’s play centres in Sydney where your kids can safely explore the world beyond.

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