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Learn About Series LogoThe Learn About Series is a collection of FREE kids activity packs, designed by our educators to help your children improve their linguistic skills and intelligence.

The packs contain a wide range of activities from colouring in, stories, description of workers in our community, what they and how they do it, to word search and craft activities. Your kids will have lots of fun and learn along the way.

The series focuses on community jobs that your kids find at Wannabees city, like Firefighter, Police Officer, Chef and Doctor. The aim of the kids activity pack is to train your kids to become Firefighters, Police Officers, Chefs and Doctors at Wannabees City. At the end of each activity pack, there is the official Wannabees badge for your kids to collect.


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Learn About Series

There are four titles in the series. You can find below the description of our first two issues. Our Doctors and Chef’s editions are coming up soon.



Learn About Fire Cover

By completing this activity pack kids will learn all about Fire Safety. Stating with learning what a firefighter does, their uniform and equipment.

There is a very engaging story about Firefighter Tom and how he helped put out a fire at Wannabees.

You’ll also find a word search, colouring in and word and picture matching. Children also learn some basic rules about fire safety, like where to call in case of emergency and what to do in case of fire.

Law and Order


This activity pack is all about law enforcement and the role of police force in our community. Kids will learn about what is a Police Officer, what they do, their uniform, equipment and the types of jobs in the police force.

There is a cute story about a prison break and how two courageous officers brought the robber back to Jail.

Children can colour in a police car, learn about finger prints with hands on activity and a related word search.

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