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Looking for great places to have kids birthday parties in Sydney?

Children’s birthday party coming up soon?

Are you after some Kids Birthday Party ideas?

At Wannabees, the only one of its kind in Australia we can help!

After hosting more than 3,000 kids birthday parties over the last two years, surely we can turn your next celebration into the best party ever.

Wannabees emulates the workings of a real city and it’s built to children scale. It features different fully functional buildings, such as, police and fire stations, TV and radio stations, hospital, post office and more, making your party a unique and unforgettable experience for your whole family and guests.

We specialize in turning kids birthday parties into fun and happy memories that children brag about.

Why Booking with Us?

Kids Birthday Party Venues Sydney

Most of our customers tell us that they book their parties with us, because they are fun, well organised, stress free and memorable. See testimonials here.

Our policy is that from the moment you book your upcoming children’s birthday party, we will take the nitty gritty out of your hands.

Say good bye to those outdoor children birthday parties, where you have to do everything by yourself: the party planning, shopping, weather, decorating, the dreadful entertaining and the boring cleaning.

Just let our professional team of party planners take care of everything for you, allowing you your time back, so you barely will even think about it until the big day.

Children's Parties - Description (*)

On the party day, you will be greeted by our professional party coordinator, who will present a run sheet and a quick description of the order of the day events. We will take you to your table and show you the party room.

Then we will introduce you to your energetic party host, who enthusiastically will keep the children thoroughly entertained, by guiding them to dress up and role play throughout the Wannabees city, based on your child’s interests.

They will have the opportunity to fight a fire with a real fire hose and water. Be police officers and put the robbers in jail. Shop at the supermarket, treat patients in the hospital, work out in the gym or get pampered in our beauty salon and so much more!

(*) Excludes Self-Explore Party

Watch the short video below to learn how the Wannabees parties run.

Watch video in SPANISH here.

Watch video in KOREAN here.

Watch video in PORTUGUESE here.

Your group will also visit the TV studio where they will pretend to walk with lions, swim with sharks and fly through the air like Superman. Or perhaps jump on a bed, dance to current music and much more using our interactive green screen.

There will be a scheduled time (usually 45 mins into the party) for food and cake cutting in your own exclusive party room (with throne for the guest of honour).

We will encourage the grownups to enjoy their time by seating around the table we reserved for you in our beautiful themed Café. You will the opportunity to catch up and socialise with family and friends over some relaxing background music.

We have party packages to suit all budgets.

Book your party at Wannabees: one of the best party places for kids, serving the northern beaches, north shore, lower north shore, hills district, eastern suburbs, inner west and western suburbs in Sydney.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Themed Parties

Here are some kids birthday party ideas to enhance your party.

Wannabees can theme your party to almost anything you want. Kids Disco party, High tea party, pizza making party, princess party, superhero party, Frozen party, plaster painting party, etc


Character Host: Your party entertainer dressed up as princess for only $75 (subject to availability).  Themes available: Cinderella, Belle, Elsa, Tinkerbell & Supergirl. (Not available for self explore parties).

For a different theme please choose tableware pack.

Tableware pack: Includes tableware of a character of your choice. Pack of 8’s for only $28. Balloon bouquets from $15. Let us know your character at the time of your booking.

Workshop extra. This is a great option if you want to give a different touch to your party. Choose from pizza making, cupcake decorating or plaster painting.Here are some ideas for your next party:

All you need to do is email us, request a call back or just call on 02 8021 6902.

Snow Queen Party | Wannabees

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