Indoor Theme Park

 If you’re looking for what to do in Sydney with kids any day of the week, on a sunny day or a rainy day, you’ve landed to the right page.

We have set up a unique indoor theme park featuring a child size city in an 1100 sqm building, where children can dress up, role play & explore different occupations within our community.

At Wannabees we love to see kids having fun, especially through imaginative role-play. We encourage all children to be what they ‘wannabee’.

All shops in our city are child size so kids will feel like they have walked into a beauty shop, hospital, fire station etc. that is just for them!

Wannabees is open 7 days a week for a casual plays, kids birthday party, primary school excursions or vacation care. We are more than the typical children indoor play centre but smaller than an outdoor theme park.

Children can self-explore most of the rooms or can join our staff member for some guided activities. We have scheduled activities every weekday morning between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM to keep everyone entertained.

On weekends we run fashion parades, disco dance on our concert stage, Tv Studio and the popular “fire fighting” several times during both morning and afternoon.

Our indoor theme park has everything you need to have the perfect family day out. Whenever you don’t know what to in Sydney visit Wannabees to get the kids entertained.

Parents can enjoy delicious food in our themed Cafe or they can join the fun and explore the city with their kids.

We are more than a traditional kids play centre, so make sure you secure your tickets to check us out!!!

What do you WANNA BEE today?


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