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Primary School Excursions

Are you looking for school excursions for your Early Stage 1 or Stage 1 class that are stress-free, educational, and fun?

A venue where children have the opportunity to learn about the community they live in and act out the professions in that community?

Wannabees Family Play Town, is a beautifully designed child size city that helps students use role-play to explore the professions of people who live in our community, in a range of different environments.

Our school excursions focus on learning through role-play, so that students learn through first-hand experience. At Wannabees children can pretend to be fire fighters, doctors, postal workers, police officers, restaurant workers,TV stars and more!

Our primary school excursions trips are fun, educational  and easy to organise!


Wannabees Family Play Town offers a range of school excursion programs for your individual needs. Our school excursions examine the Geography syllabus.

From learning about places, the weather, local and international communities, or the role of workers in the community, Wannabees has a school excursion program which examines all outcomes and content in the Geography Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 Australian Curriculum.

Our excursion programs include Workers in the Communities, The Local and the Global, The Features of Places, Families Past and Present and Caring Communities, are revised to ensure that the content is relevant to the current ES1 and S1 NESA syllabuses. The main focus of the excursions target geography outcomes (GE1-1, GE1-2, GE1-3), with other complementary outcomes from additional KLAs including Maths (MA1-4NA, MA1-5NA, MA1-1WM), English (EN1-1A), PDHPE (COS1.1, INS1.3) and Creative Arts (DRAS1.1) also being covered throughout the various excursions.

Kids will love role-playing different roles and scenarios evident in the local community. We use stories and scenarios in every room to bring the excursion to life. Our different packages address key questions such as:

–      What is a place? What are the features of places in the local community?

–      How does Weather affect places? How do we predict the weather?

–      How can we take care of places? Are there members of the community who take care of places?

–      What makes a place special?

Who works in our community, and what are their roles and responsibilities?

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