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Wannabees Primary School excursions are fun, educational and well organised. Here is the list of the most frequently asked questions we receive from teachers:

What is the cost per student?

Please check fees page for current prices.

How long does the school visit go for?

The educated aspect of the excursion lasts for approx. 2 hours. This doesn’t include time for lunch and any free-play/self-exploration play the children may experience.

What is the free-play part of the excursion?

The free play part of the excursion is where students can be taken around to the extra rooms of Wannabees which were not covered in the excursion. This is done by teachers or helpers, and Wannabees staff. These rooms include the radio room, school, beauty salon, fashion shop, and gym.

When will the free-play take place?

We will chat with the teachers prior to the excursion to discuss the schedule of activities that best suit your needs & work in well with your arrival and departure times.

When should we arrive & depart?

Most school visits arrive between 10-10:30 am and depart between 1-1:30 pm. This depends on the bus pick up times and also the distance travelled.

Is there space to eat morning tea or lunch nearby?

Yes. There is a lovely grassed area almost directly next door to our building that is perfect for lunches (weather permitting). If the weather is poor, we offer a large fake grass area for the students to eat their own lunch, providing that these are nut-free.

What is the maximum number of students that can be accommodated at the one time?

The maximum number of students we can accommodate comfortably is 120. Please call one of our friendly excursion booking staff to find out more information.

Do we take our group around to the different attractions ourselves?

You can if you wish in a self-exploration mode, where we can offer you different information, pictures & scripts to encourage and role play with your students in the different rooms at Wannabees. We also offer trained guides at an extra expense of $60. Guide ratio is 1:25 students or part thereof.

I can’t choose between the packages for the new curriculum, as I like lessons from all the packages. What can I do? 

If you like some lessons and ideas from the three different packages we offer for the new curriculum, we can offer to rearrange the lessons to fit your needs free of charge! The only condition is that students don’t attend the same room more than once in the excursion. This process is free of charge.

I’m interested in attending Wannabees, but none of the packages seem right for what we are learning. What can I do?

Call or email Wannabees to discuss options for customisation. Wannabees has customised excursions for Science, History, Geography, and English for schools before. We will require you to discuss your needs with the excursion coordinator. It may be necessary to provide a scope and sequence, and unit rationale. The coordinator will design brand new lessons based on what you discuss. This process incurs a $50 fee.

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