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Educational Incursions

After five years of hosting successful excursions and by popular demand, Wannabees are bringing the learning to you.

We’re able to bring the Wannabees experience to your school. We have a pop up city where we can recreate some of the buildings within the Wannabees city together with the props and costumes that you find at our centres.

We have devised educational incursions for the Geography Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 of the new Australian Curriculum.

Our Programs

With our Wannabees pop up city, we can bring a program for Families Past and Present. It is an interactive story telling experience, which examines how families and life in general have changed over time. With the tale and making of a family tree throughout 1920s, 1950s, 1980s, and 2000s, kids learn about the evolution of families and technologies.

But that’s not all. The families past and present educational incursions are highly interactive! There’s activities at the end of the tale which use real historical artifacts to allow your students to explore past family lives in a completely hands-on way. The themes for our activities include how different family members in the past approach music, entertainment, fashion, technology among others.

This incursion program specifically addresses the HSIE, Creative Arts, and Science Curriculums.

The duration of the incursion is about 120 minutes. 30 minutes for the tale, and 90 minutes for the activities.

Our educational incursions have a very high educational value. We pride ourselves on having 5 years’ experience with school excursions. Over 300 schools have been through our doors during this time. Many come back every year to learn about Workers in the Community.


Terms and conditions


We arrive whenever suits your school’s timetable.

Our incursions run for a minimum of 60 children (check Bookings and Fess page for current prices).

Schools with less than 60 students please call us to discuss price.

Schools outside a 40km radius of the Sydney CBD attract a small travel fee.

Wannabees incursions are the most comprehensive educational incursions on the market, don’t miss out on these great products! Call us on 02 8021 6902 to talk to one of our friendly coordinators or fill the form below to request a call back at a suitable time.

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