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When your child begins their first day of school, you’ll often hear parents remark ‘where has the time gone?’ or ‘how quickly they grow up!’

You’ll find yourself saying this about your child every first day of school until year 12, and perhaps even into their first day of university. There’s 13 years of school, and each of them seems to be more important than the last.

Simple Technologies

Simple Technologies

This article specifically discusses the use of simple technologies, and their educational potential. Technologies such as iPods, podcasts, projectors, voice recorders, 3D glasses, and websites that are more readily available than computers and other software also have very high motivational and educational benefits.

Responsive Classrooms

Responsive Classrooms

Having a culturally inclusive classroom is important anywhere in the world. Students need to feel like they belong and are at ease in the classroom to be able to function and learn within it. Isolating students through insensitive cultural practices or a lack of representation is detrimental to their emotional wellbeing, and their schooling outcomes.

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