Children Join Newsroom

Children Join Newsroom - Tracey Spicer's Newsreader workshop at Wannabees

Look out Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd

The northern beaches is home to many budding newsreaders – and these children know their stuff.

The youngsters who attended Wannabees Family Play Town at Frenchs Forest on Friday were lucky enough to take part in a mini news reading session with Sky News Australia anchor Tracey Spicer.

And Ms Spicer, of North Curl Curl, was impressed with how up to date they were with the news.

“I was delighted because they were really engaged,” Ms Spicer said.

“They all read the autocue perfectly and they knew all about the leadership change that put Kevin Rudd into the top job again.”

The TV studio at Wannabees is set up with a HD camera, news reading set and green screen.

Ms Spicer directed the children, aged five to nine, to read a short, fun, child-oriented news bulletin at the unique indoor play centre.

“Television looks glamorous, but I wanted them to know that it’s hard work with long hours,” Ms Spicer said.

By Kat Adamski
Manly Daily digital edition 3 Jul 2013
Picture: JEFF HERBERT Ashley Blake, 10, Sky News Australia anchor Tracey Spicer, Cameron Bunyard (10) and Charlotte Wood (8) took part in a mini newsreader session on Friday.

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