How to include everyone in your child’s birthday celebration

How to include everyone in your child's birthday celebration, kids birthday parties, birthday party ideas

Often, kids would like to invite everyone from their classmates, to their soccer pals, neighbours, and cousins, however, this isn’t always possible. Time, size, and budget constraints can mean your kid might only be able to invite 10 of his or her best friends.

This becomes especially problematic if there are 20 kids in their class, and your child wants to invite them all. Not only will they have to pick and choose, the class will inevitably find out, and kids will get upset.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Wannabees is, what’s the best way to ensure that all kids are included in my child’s birthday celebration?

The easiest way to include all the kids in the class is to ask the teacher whether it’s OK for your child to bring in a few cupcakes for the kids in the class to celebrate their birthday. You’ll find that most teachers will agree, and that most kids will feel included in the process.

Similar things can be done for your child’s sporting team or playgroups.

While dinners at home with the family can be a low-key event where cousins can come along and spend some quality time with the kids.

There’s lots of ways to make people feel included in a child’s birthday celebration, and these are just some of them. For future parties you can help mix up the guest list, and in this way, your child will invite everyone from their class over the years to come. Be sure to make an effort to show up to others’ parties when invited too!

“There’s lots of ways to make people feel included in a child’s birthday celebration…”

This ensures no one is left out, and everyone gets to share in your child’s birthday celebration.

However, if you want to include all the kids from your child’s class, Wannabees offers a very cost effective package so no-one is excluded. We call it Wannabees School Class Party.

It runs on Wednesday to Friday after 1.30 pm. The best thing about it, is that most of the times you end up having the whole venue just for your group! How good is that!!

You can book here or by calling 02 8021 6902.

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