A Tablet A Day


This is a synopsis from an article first published in “The Economist” on the 7th of July 2014 and is entitled “A Tablet A Day”.

Access to this article can be found on “The Economist Website” or by following the link here.

Examining Nigeria’s education crisis, this article sees technology as a partial solution to the 10 million out of school children in the country. Due to the rapid population growth Nigeria is experiencing, almost 1/5 of all children in the country are out of school, and to meet enough educators for them all, the country would need to produce another 400,000 teachers.

Technology is seen as an answer – namely, the $40 tablet developed to help teachers project onto boards, make and distribute graphs, and connect classrooms. This connection is the solution. The lack of teachers can be overcome by connecting people, especially students and teachers. However, this is not the only problem being faced at the moment.

While most men aged 18-24 have at least 6 years of schooling under their belt, many of these are illiterate due to a lack of books and inept teachers. More technology to replace the lack of paper books and help struggling teachers reach their students is an effective way of achieving higher literacy outcomes in Nigeria, the article argues.

How technology helps our kids education in Australia? Please leave your comments below…

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