Technology Brings Teaching to Life

Technology brings teaching life

Curtin University is utilising 3D technology used in games and films to teach students about anatomy and space and goes beyond the physical confines these subjects are traditionally bound to.

Whereas learning about the human body (for doctors and medical students) was restricted to looking at human organs in jars when they’re already dead, this new 3D technology brings the organs to life and enables students to look at the way in which the human body functions normally.

Furthermore, this technology is used to fully immerse students studying astronomy, as it places them in space and in a virtual world they would never get to see first hand. The potential for 3D technology in these fields is fantastic, and the investment of money into the immersion of students into 3D worlds is worthwhile.

The concept here is about how immersive and engaging technology can be – and this is often the secret to its success. Technology that engages students in new and immersive ways includes them in practical learning, and research demonstrates that this can give them better outcomes.

If the students are interested in what they are learning, then they will have a better chance of doing well in it. Gaming technology can do that as long as it is properly integrated into the learning practices of the educator.

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