6 Unique Mother’s Day Present Ideas

6 Unique Mother’s Day Present Ideas

History of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day as we know it is a relatively new celebration. It dates back no more than 100 years. It is recognised and celebrated (on different dates) for around 50 countries around the globe.

It is thanks to Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis (Mother and daughter) and their hard work during 44 years, that managed to get it approved by US President Woodrow Wilson on 1914 and to be celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

From there it was copied in several countries. I Australia, we started celebrating Mother’s day on 1924.

Mother’s Day Present Ideas

These days there are many things to do and celebrate this special day. The most important thing is to make mums feel special. Here is a list of 6 unique activities you can do with her.

1. Whale watching

Mother's Day Activities - Whale watchingWhale watching season kicks off this weekend. Experts predict a record number of whales to cross over Australian waters. In fact there are photos already going around social media, of sightings along the Sydney and Newcastle coastline.

There are several tour providers out there with trips going from 2 to 3.5 hours. It is a magnificent experience that will create a long lasting memory.

2. Family photoshoot

Mother's Day Activities - Family Photo Mobile technology has made it easier than ever to snap those special moments when they happen. But because of that we end up accumulating lots of photos that we never print. We just leave them on the phone or save them to our computers but never bother to print them out.

For this special day why not giving her a voucher for a nice professionally taken photoshoot? Or if you are on a budget and good with the camera, get everyone together and do it yourself, but make sure you get it printed.

3. City Tour

Mother's Day Activities - ToruismWhen was the last time you’ve been sighsighting around your city? Many of us have lived on our cities for a long time, but haven’t taken the time to go around just like a tourist.

Sydney siders enjoy some of the best backdrops in Australia. Places like Sydney Harbour with the Harbour bridge and opera House, botanical gardens. Famous walks like Bronte to Bondi or Manly to Spit Bridge will be a nice opportunity to spend the day in family.

4. Pottery class

Mother's Day Activities - Pottery LessonTogether with painting, pottery has been described as a relaxing and therapeutic activity. It brings many health benefits  like increased focus, improved hand and arm coordination reducing the risk of hand arthritis.

Pottery will also help mum to improve her overall quality of life, as she will be connecting with herself by expanding her body and mind. She will also have the opportunity to meet new people and make her own creations.

5. Family dinner

Mother's Day Activities - Restaurant CrawlMother’s day is well know for busy restaurants during lunch and breakfast. But have you considered celebrating during nigh time instead?

There are several restaurants out there that will be more accessible, even cheaper for dinner menus. The most important thing is to take her to a restaurant that serves her favourite food.

6. Lunch at Local Themed Park

Chicken SaladMost of us go out for lunch with mum but face the problem of some desperate and bored kids afterwards. We end up having to go to the local playground or park that is full of other families facing the same issue.

Here is a little secret: Entertainment venues tend to be very quiet on Mother’s day as everyone is out and about hunting for restaurants where to eat. The problem is that the food in most venues is not the best.

Here at Wannabees we have created a gourmet menu that everyone enjoys. We have several options for kids and adults alike, cooked by our Chef Sebastian and his South American flavours.

Best of all your kids will be fully entertained by our staff. You can join the fun too. Dress up and be part of our popular fashion parade, or put the fire out, go to the Tv Studio and have a go at green screen fun and finish in the radio station where you’ll be interviewed by our radio host.

On Sunday we will have a special tour for mums only, so you get to do all our attractions and take a trip down memory lane.

Your Turn

What other unusual mother’s day activity ideas do you have? have you done any of the above before? Share them by commenting on the box below.

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