Crowdfunding Kids’ Birthday Parties

Crowdfunding Kids Birthday Parties

It’s an issue which is dividing social media. Crowdfunding websites like,, and are becoming increasingly popular for parents looking to crowdfund their kids’ birthday parties.

Crowdfunding is an internet phenomena where people can post on a website asking for money to implement a personal project or design idea. Most commonly this is for a new electronic website, apps, video games, smartwatches, smartphones, etc.

In many cases interested investors will plunge anything between 10 dollars to over $1,000 each to fund someone’s project. In turn, they may receive a prototype of the product, shares in the product, and more.

However, parents have taken to crowdfunding kids birthday parties too!

Some parents want to raise money for a party as their child has a disability or the family has some special circumstances. However, a lot of parents are seeking crowdfunding as a cheaper alternative to paying for the whole thing.

“Parents are seeking crowdfunding as a cheaper alternative to paying for Kids Parties “

These parents are coming under scrutiny from online communities and social media. They’re being labelled as greedy, and going against the cause of crowdfunding campaigns.

Crowdfunding campaigns usually give back to the community or further technological progress and innovation. However, birthday parties do not.

Crowdfunding Kids Birthday Parties A quick search of illustrates what crowdfunding can be used for – helping a child with cancer get to Disneyland, saving an Animal Rescue Shelter, and helping a family get back on their feet after hard times, are some examples.

So what do you think? Do parents seeking to crowdfund their kids’ parties have a right to do so? Or is it against the true purpose of crowdfunding campaigns? Leave your comments below.

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