Best Toys And Activities That Will Help Your Child’s Development

childs development best toys to help your childWe all know that play is important for your childs development – play is how kids learn, and it’s a case of the more the better when it comes to play in the preschool years. Sometimes kids need a little more help with play.

We can’t rely on their imagination all the time. So here’s a list of the best possible toys for your child’s development. These are toys which consider your child’s educational and developmental needs… Oh, and they’re fun, too!

Top 6 Toys For Childs Development


childs development - squigzSquigz is a completely new twist on the construction genre of toys. Instead of using the LEGO-like formula of building blocks, Squigz use suction to create complex, colourful combinations of whatever your child can imagine.

Squigz are soft balls with suction cups attached to them. They stick to each other, and any non-porous item you can think of.

It allows for more shapes and combinations than conventional building blocks, and the ability to stick to most surfaces means that kids will love to explore new combinations, styles, and methods of building.

It really stretches their imagination, giving their brains a full workout. A highly recommended toy which has won several prizes such as ASTRA’s Best Toy For Kids Award.

Super Fun Marble Run

childs development - marble runThis interactive toy is a twist on the ever-popular Mousetrap series of toys.

Super Fun Marble Run is a customisable track where a marble runs from top to bottom, causing havoc along the way.

It’s a simple but fun concept where kids can build their own track, over any surface. It gives them a great understanding of physics, space, and mathematics.

Beware though, this is for the older category of kids, 5+. The marbles can present a choking hazard, and it might be a little complicated for the younger demographic.

Rest assured though, Super Fun Marble Run is a great innovation for your kids’ play time!

Fire Power Super Soaking Fire Hose With Backpack

childs development - fire powerA super interactive toy that might best come with a warning label: USE THIS ONE OUTSIDE. This one is just what its name suggests.

A 1 litre backpack with a fire hose attached. Fill it with water, and your kids can pretend to be fire fighters all day long!

It’s decorated and built to look exactly like a fireman’s pack. The hose shoots out the water from the backpack, fulfilling your child’s imagination of being a firefighter.

This one makes the list because it’s so full of potential for your child’s role-play needs. It really stretches that imagination!

Backyard Safari Animal Caller

childs development backyard safariOne for all the animal enthusiasts out there. This toy is great for teaching your kids about different animals and their calls.

It includes some big and scary animals, so your kids will love moving around the house trying to scare people with the sound of a growling bear, roaring cougar, howling wolf, screeching eagle, or menacing lion.

It’s educational, interactive, and imaginative. Use this one during play time, or even better when telling bedtime stories – it’ll really bring them alive!

Chalktrail Scooter

This one is more of an attachment than a toy, but it makes this list because it’s really cool in its simplicity.

Chalktrail Scooter is an attachment for your child’s scooter which allows it t draw on the pavement in chalk while they ride! Ensure this one’s used where chalking isn’t illegal, but that should be most places in Australia.

It’s not only for one rider. See how awesome a game of follow the leader on your kids’ scooters becomes when it’s mapped out by chalk. Work in groups to create an artwork, the possibilities are endless.

Not only does it inspire your kids, it does so by keeping them fit and healthy.

Smarty Pants: Kindergarten Card Set

childs development - smary pantsThis simple concept is great for kids just about to start kindergarten, or those who have already started.

It’s a set of 120 cards with puzzles, quizzes, and riddles on them with endless playability. Pick a card, and watch your child be engaged with its challenging content.

It builds literacy skills, general knowledge, logic skills, and numeracy skills. This one’s more for the mind than the body, but it makes this list for its sheer educational value.

Wannabees Family Play Town

what to do with kids in sydney | Wannabees HospitalThis one is more of a place than a toy, but it’s too good to be left out of this list. Wannabees Family Play Town is a miniature city designed for kids to pretend to be any profession we can find in our society today.

From firefighters, to doctors, to construction workers, Wannabees has it all for your child. It also has a host of educational activities to bring your experience to life. It’s all about role-play and enabling your child to have the most educational and entertaining experience possible!

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