Top Ten Feel-Good Birthday Party Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

Feel Good Birthday PartyEveryone likes to read feel-good Birthday Party stories. We have compiled the top 10 feel-good birthday party stories from around the web, that will surely warm your heart!

Brandon’s 9 y.o Party

unusual birthday giftsA 9 year-old Canadian boy named Brandon saw his mother looking at a Facebook page called ‘Need You Now Equine’.

He asked her what the page was about, and discovered that it is set up as a last attempt to save horses from the slaughter house by buying them off butchers.

With his birthday coming up, Brandon decided to ask his mum to save the horse instead of buying him a birthday present. Taken aback by his generosity, she saved the horse, and on top of that, gave it to Brandon for his birthday, much to his joy!

Spiderman Gift

spiderman sketchIn February 2015, Stan Lee, chairman of Marvel Comics sent a 9 year-old autistic boy a personal sketch of Spider Man, after the boy’s neighbour sent a letter to Mr Lee explaining that the young man was a huge fan of his.

Mandy’s Initiative

Simon Says Give logoMandy Simon, an 11 year-old girl from the USA set up a non-profit group called “Simon Says Give”, which provides underprivileged children with birthday celebrations, and school supplies. Since 2011, she has reached over 500 children.

Two Similar feel-good Birthday Party Stories

Glenn’s 6 y.o celebration

Glenn Buratti's 6 yo partyIn February 2015, Glenn Buratti was jumping with joy for his sixth birthday. However, when none of his classmates showed up to the autistic boy’s birthday, his mother took to social media to vent her frustration at people’s perceptions of her autistic son, and autism in general.

The post on social media led to 15 kids and 25 adults – complete strangers, showing up to the boy’s party.

One lady bought him a brand new bike. Three days later, members of the fire brigade, and the local police force came to wish Glenn a belated happy birthday. They brought with them fire trucks, and even had a rescue helicopter fly overhead!

Taenon’s 4 y.o party

feel good birthday party storiesA similar story occurred here in Melborune Australia on April when all 12 guests invited to Taenon’s party either cancelled or just didn’t turn up.

Mum Rachelle turn up to “Midnight Mums” Facebook group to vent her frustration.

A group of 25 mums from the group organised a great Birthday Party for Taenon at a local fast food restaurant.

Taenon end up with 30 other kids he has never met at his party. Even the Nillumbuk SES managed to be part of the celebration, bringing a Fire truck for Taenon and his new friends to enjoy.

Anaya’s 9th y.o celebration

Feel good kids birthday partyA 9 y.o Indian girl decided to make her 9th birthday celebration very special. After asking her guests to gift her money instead of presents, she used the cash to throw a party for 30 families with cancer affected kids of St. Jude India Child Care Centre. She organised games, food, prizes and gifts for everyone.

Lia’s 12 y.o birthday party

Lia Haile homeless partiesAnother heart-warming story comes from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. A 12 year old girl named Lia Halie has turned birthday parties into a charitable event for the homeless and needy children of her city.

Lia throws birthday parties for those who can’t afford it, and has even started her own charity called ‘Hopeful Hearts Club’. It’s a charity aimed at throwing birthday parties for members of the community attending the Hope House of Manitowoc County.

Hope House provides guidance and support for struggling families in its not-for-profit shelter. She gets a lot of help from the shelter’s volunteers along the way.

Asked why she decided to do this for members of her community, Lia replied “Birthday parties mean a lot to a little kid”. She goes on to explain that the it’s a day all about them, and that everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday.

The parents’ reaction is overwhelmingly positive. They come up to Lia and tell her that their child’s day has been made, and that it’s “just the best feeling in the world”.

Lia is doing a great thing for her community, and it just highlights the possibility for kids birthday celebrations to bring people together.

Iris 100 y.o birthday celebration

Iris Wood6,500 hours is a long time. It equates to more than 270 days, 3,000 blockbuster movies, 295 trips from Sydney to Rome by plane, and 1.5 years of Australian schooling non-stop.

But how would you like to spend those hours volunteering? That’s what Iris Wood has done. Admittedly, she’s had 100 years to do it.

Iris, who recently turned 100, was surprised by staff at IU-Health Bedford Hospital, where she’s been volunteering since 1970.

The surprise was a party for her 100th birthday, and for her 6500 hours of help at the hospital.

While she relies on a walking frame for mobility, Iris is still able to sort mail, and offer a helping hand for other small tasks that need completion.

She volunteers every Tuesday on the dot. Her popularity and effort is so pervasive that the local mayor of Bedford declared May 12th as Iris Wood day.

Aside from her 100th birthday celebration, a tree has been planted in honour of Iris.

Jade’s Birthday Wish

police boy with cop having lunchBurger King lunches aren’t the stuff of culinary dreams. However, they are the stuff of birthday dreams for Jade Lynn, a four year-old who loves cops so much, she wants to take one for lunch.

Jade Lynn’s Mother reached out to some friends to organise a meeting with local policeman Markie Waggamon. His mother surprised and thankful that he went above and beyond the call of duty for Jade Lynn, showing up with a bag of gifts for the young girl who admires his profession so much.

It certainly made for a fantastic birthday for Jade Lynn, who’ll never forget this particular meal at Burger King.

Carter’s Fourth Birthday Fortune

heroes rescuedWhen superhero duo Captain America and Wonder Woman (known in real life as Madison Pais and Ben Dobrusin) ran out of gas on the freeway as they were heading to perform at Carter Buchanan’s fourth birthday, they thought all hope of surprising the birthday boy was lost.

Both superheroes tried contacting friends and family for help, but ultimately they were stranded. No one was there to help the heroes who have helped so many others.

That is until police officer Mark Stuttmeier showed up as he drove along the highway to see the stranded superheroes.

Initially, he just pushed the car to a local gas station, but upon realising the superheroes were unable to pay for fuel, he did what any superhero would do, and drove the crime-fighting duo to the party where they were met with loud cheers from the party-goers as they got out of the vehicle.

This was to the relief and elation of the party parents too.

When asked about his actions that day, Mr Stuttmeier denied that he was a hero, and that he was just doing his job. Just as any good superhero would say.

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