Not a Birthday – but a Saint Day!

Kids Birthday Parties at Wannabees Family Play Town - Photo by Shape of Light photography

Birthday celebration of people’s lives haven’t always been on their birthday! In the 12th century AD, at the height of the Catholic Church’s power, birthdays were still considered a pagan celebration.

The origins of birthdays come from Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. All were considered pagan societies, and therefore the Church tried to distance themselves from it.

But we know that people still celebrated their life once a year – but it wasn’t on their birthday!

Instead, people in this period of time were named after saints, and as a result, they celebrated their name day. This was the day their saint namesake was associated with.

This meant that people still got to celebrate once a year.

Eventually, the Catholic Church caught up, and with the Protestant movement (which loved birthday parties) the birthday party as we know it today became more common.

Now days, kids birthday parties are celebrated at home, in parks, and in special birthday party venues like Wannabees Family Play Town.

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