How To Throw Unique Kids Parties Without Losing Sanity

unique kids parties

These days throwing unique kids parties is more about the parents bowing to social pressures than it is about fun, games, and cake.

[dt_gap height=”20″ /]While the extravagance of unique kids parties may simply be a sign of a changing society, there’s one thing we can all agree on – that is – birthday parties can send anyone MAD!

So here at Wannabees Family Play Town, based on our own experience of more than 5,000 kids birthday parties, we’ve created a list of easy and helpful tips, to keep your sanity intact when throwing unique kids parties.

1. Don’t bow to the pressure if you don’t want to

There’s nothing worse than having to throw an expensive and extravagant birthday party for kids when you don’t really want to.

It’s especially worse when you know the kids won’t enjoy all the effort you put in, as they’ll be too interested in filling up with cake and lollies while running around the yard to care.

So if you don’t want to host a huge party with crazy decorations, then don’t.

“If you don’t want to host a huge party with crazy decorations, then don’t.”

Kids will have just as much fun with some simple outdoor activities. Turn on the BBQ, grill some sausages, and sit back as kids can entertain themselves.

2. Preparing for extra guests

Make sure you allow for some extra food as you might end up with many more guest than you expected.

There’s nothing worse than having food for 10 guests when 15 show up.

It drives you up the wall when you’re having to rummage the cupboard for extra chip packets or nibbles to feed hungry kids. Or worse – you have to drive down to the shops to get some extra food.


There’s something you can do – firstly, include an RSVP on your invitations. People will be more likely to confirm/decline if it’s requested on the invitation.

Secondly, prepare for your guests with young siblings to be at the party.

Generally, parents will stay at the party and keep siblings under 5 years of age with them. This is because young kids can’t really stay without supervision. Prepare food for these guests too.

3. Craftkids activities | learning bees | Craft and Colouring - Wannabees Family Play TownWant to save on party bags? Organise activities which are focused on creating a piece of art, some creative trinket for your guests.

That can be the main feature in the lollybag which kids can take home instead of a party favour.

Parents will be thankful that you’re not sending kids home with even more sugar!

4. Hire babysitters

Have you got two or three regular babysitters for your kids? If you do, cut out hiring an entertainer.

Instead hire the babysitters – they’ll be cheaper, know the kids, know the parents, and know how to control a bunch of kids!

By following these tips your party will go off without causing you too much trouble. Preparation is the best way of dealing with the unexpected.

Alternatively you can leave it to the experts. At Wannabees we have a team of professional party planners that will help you to organise the best kids birthday party ever.

Just call us on 02 8021 6902 or request a call back by filling the form on this page.

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