5 Easy Kids Birthday Party Tips You Should Know

Easy Kids Birthday Party

There is not such thing as an easy kids birthday party. In fact, many parents choose to outsource their children birthday parties for a less stressful experience.

For those brave enough to host their own party at home, we would like to share our top 5 tips, that will give you peace of mind to have an easy kids birthday party.

Easy Kids Birthday Party

Most of our customers define an easy kids birthday party as the sort of party where you don’t have to do much and all runs smoothly and every guest is happy.

Sounds like a dream right? But if you follow the tips below, your whole experience will be much better (Read also “How to Throw Unique Kids Birthday Parties Without Losing Sanity“).

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Download our tips as single page cheat sheet with all you need to remember HERE.

Establish a theme

If you choose a theme early on, it’s easy to organise your party decorations and food around it. If you choose it at the last minute, it might be difficult to find some of the more unique decorations and ingredients.

Know your guest limit

A good idea is to stick to the old rule of the child’s age plus one, equaling the number of guests. But this doesn’t work all the time, particularly when kids start school, when they want to invite the whole class.

“How many kids should I invite to my kids party? number of guests = Your child’s age + 1”

It is always important to remember that you need enough kids to have fun and run activities, so this should be a factor to consider.

Read our blog post about “Children Birthday Party etiquette” to have a better understanding about what to expect when deciding on guest limit.

Cooperative games

Many children are quite competitive. Games like musical chairs which have a clear winner might cause kids to get upset.

Stick to cooperative games like treasure hunts if you know your child or guests will get upset at losing. The last thing you want at a birthday is tears!


Make sure you time the party right. The weekend is always best, but if you have a child who is born during the holidays (summer especially), have a family gathering on the actual birthday, and have a party with guests a month later to ensure people aren’t away on holidays.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

If you’ve got an aunt who cooks great cakes, ask her to skip on a present and bring in a cake instead. If there’s a fun older brother or sister, get them to dress up as a superhero and entertain the kids. Most importantly, don’t give yourself all the tasks.

My first paying job might have been doing a play, actually. My mom paid me to dress up as a flounder at my sister’s ‘Little Mermaid’ – themed birthday party when I was little. – Paul Dano

For more tips and answers to questions you might have check our article aboutTop Nine Kids Birthday Party Questions Answered” 

These tips always result in a fun time for kids. If you’re stressing about your party, consider outsourcing! It’s ALWAYS simpler.

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