7 Tips on photographing your childrens birthday party


Tips on photographing your child’s birthday party | childrens birthday party


Children grow up fast. One minute, they’re babies crawling around on the floor, and the next they’re outside the school gates for their first day of school.

So it’s always important to take plenty of pictures for important milestones such as birthdays!

Here are some top tips on photographing your child’s next home birthday:


1. Child’s perspective

Take shots from all different angles to capture a child’s viewpoint of the party. Keep in mind that children see the world from a different perspective. What it seems normal to you it is twice or three times bigger to them.

A good tip is to take photos at hip level.


2. Shutter speed and flash use


Use a shutter speed of 1/100th of a second or faster. Accompany this with flash for a crisp image that doesn’t blur when kids inevitably race around.

3. Facial expression


The key to a great photo is in its subject’s facial expression. Use a quick shutter speed to capture the glowing face of a child opening his/her present!

Be always ready, have your camera set up and ready to capture that special moment. Best photos always happen at unexpected moments.


Kids Facial Expression


4. Background


Be up close and blur the background. Get up close and personal with your child at key moments such as when they blow out candles, cut cake, and open presents. In these moments, the child should be the focus, so keep the background out of focus by using a shallow depth of field.

“The key to a great photo is in its subject’s facial expression.”

5. Context


All the kids at the party contribute to a great memory! So make sure you take pictures of all the guests and share them with their parents – everyone will be grateful for this.


Kids in Party Room


6. Candid shots


Cute candid shots of children doing normal party things like interacting and eating are valuable. Don’t get caught up taking too many set shots, it will make the party look too unnatural.


Move around all your subjects to ensure you capture all possible angles. Having all photos from the same angle, gets boring and predictable


Candid photography is just catching people in the act of being themselves


7. Patience 


You will require lots of patience when taking spectacular kids photos. Just wait for that perfect smile, goofy moment or just for your subject to turn to you.


And when the moment comes, don’t worry too much about perfection. Just enjoy what the situation gives you and go for it.  Just remember you’re trying to capture the moment, so be ready to accept imperfections.


Childrens Parties


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