Top 5 entertainment options for your party

Top 5 entertainment options for your party:

If you’re planning a party at home and are worried that your activities alone won’t be enough to entertain kids, it might be worth looking into an entertainer for the day!

Entertainers range from scientists and wizards, to petting zoos and pony rides. There’s an awesome array of choices out there to suit all interests and budgets.

Petting Zoo:

Petting zoos are a great source of fun for kids. All kids love animals, and the ones brought by petting zoos are all tame and great with kids! Your kids will have loads of fun petting and feeding animals. Some petting zoos also include pony rides in their price, but only for kids of certain ages.

Price: $200-$450


Magicians are fun for all ages. Kids and adults alike will be captivated by the mystery and intrigue of the magician’s tricks. Most magician shows are highly interactive, and involve the audience in their magic tricks, making their shows all the more engaging!

Price: $200-$300


Fairy entertainers make for a special fairy party. They’re professional fairies who entertain your kids by dressing them up as fairies, playing fairy games, and some stunning fairy face painting. Especially great for girl’s parties, these entertainers make for a special birthday party!

Price: $150-$250


Science party entertainers make for an exciting and explosive good time. They come to your party and entertain the kids with some amazing science tricks. Certain scientists will go as far as making exploding lunch bags, instant snow, and pop rockets!

Price: $150-$250


If your birthday boy or girl is into superheroes, why not ire one to come to your next party? They’ll do face painting, and superhero training for the kids!

Price: $150-$250

At Wannabees Family Play Town, your party entertainers are professional party hosts who take your kids around the entertainment venue, and make sure they have loads of fun for their 2 hour party.

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