Top Nine Questions About Kids Birthday Parties Answered

Top Nine Questions About Kids Birthday Parties

A child’s birthday party is meant to be an amazing time for some great memories. But it can be hard to organise and to know what to do – especially for first time party parents!

Our party planners are asked lots of questions all the time. As you can imagine there are so many things involved when throwing a kids party.

“There are so many things involved when throwing a kids party”

Based on our own experiences, here are the top nine questions about kids birthday parties answered.

1: What is the best age to throw a party?

A: Kids start making friends, and having established likes and dislikes by the time they turn 4 or 5, so it’s best to have the first birthday party then. The child will have fun and begin to understand the significance of the party!

This doesn’t mean kids under 5 shouldn’t have a birthday party, but some parents prefer to make these low-key family affairs.

2: How many kids should be invited?

A: The age-old rule is to age +1. This means 3 friends for a 2 year-old’s birthday party. However, this rule can pretty much go out the window when a kid turns 5. A good number for a 5 year old is 10 kids, but it all depends on the size of the child’s social circle.

It also depends on how many kids are in the child’s class – teach your child that inviting 10/13 kids from their class isn’t a good idea, and it’s better to invite everyone as feelings need to be considered.

3: Do I have to reciprocate an invite?

Top Nine Questions About Kids Birthday PartiesA: It depends whether the children are close friends or just acquaintances. When kids are young, and they aren’t aware of social circles, you can invite acquaintances to expand friendship groups. However, when kids get older and they’re invited to an acquaintance’s party and there’s no room for said acquaintance at your party, you’re not required to reciprocate.

4: Parents are throwing elaborate parties for their children. Should I be keeping up?

A: It’s not necessary to throw elaborate parties for kids. All they care about when they’re young is cake, friends, and music. Anything else is an extra for the parents more than for the kids.

5: Do I need to RSVP?

A: Yes! Even if your child is not attending, let your host know. There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing whether the children are attending or not, or how many to prepare for.

6: At what age can I drop my kid off at a party?

A: Before doing this, make sure you talk to the birthday parents to make sure it’s OK to do. Generally, after age 6, kids won’t need constant supervision and will happily roam around a party by themselves.

7: How much should I spend on a gift?

A: Most decent kids’ gifts will cost you $20-25. It’s not necessary to spend more than that.

“Most decent kids’ gifts will cost you $20-25. It’s not necessary to spend more than that.”

8: What do I do with goody bags?

A: Goody bags are still a prominent part of a birthday party, but they don’t need to be elaborate. Don’t go spending more than $50 for 10 bags. A few lollies, novelty toys, and temporary tattoos and the guests will be super happy!

9: What do I do about present opening?

Top Nine Questions About Kids Birthday PartiesA: It’s up to you, but many guests enjoy watching their host open a present and getting a happy reaction. It’s a double edged sword, however. If your child is displeased with the present it can make for tears.

To overcome this, do a little role-play to prepare your child for a bad present. Rehearse what to say before anything unfortunate happens.

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